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  1. Sorry I'm late replying, but no problem man. The original MMPR were my favorite when my uncle introduced it to me. So I figured why not do this since the new Ranger movie came out. By the way what other retro skin theme would you like to see?
  2. Sup guys I'm back again with another Aurora Skin and this time its the original Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. Not that new movie power ranger bruh but that old school MMPR with the green ranger. If you're a young bull and you're like what type of power rangers are those then don't even download my shxt bruh lol but nah jk. If you want a skin with the new power rangers from the new movie then you can download this and follow the TUTORIAL/INFORMATION text document that is with this .rar file for you to download. It's a step by step process so I don't ask if I can do it for you because its straight forward and I tried to break it down to where everybody could understand. However, if you're having trouble with creating your own Aurora Skin then just reply down below and I'll try to get back to you with some helpful feedback. Also down below I will post some screen shots on what some of the skin looks like. Enjoy!!! Power Rangers Aurora Skin.rar
  3. Update: Hey guys I fixed the small problem that is in the description "NOTE" by uploading the NEW .rar file. I also changed a few things in the INFORMATION text document. Also look out for another Aurora Skin in about the next 10-15mins.!!! Itachi_Uchiha_Aurora_Skin.rar
  4. What's good y'all? Today I bring y'all an Itachi Uchiha Skin for Aurora v0.6b r1238. I'm going to try to put some preview pictures down below for y'all to see what some of the pics look like, but I also added some of the pictures that is part of this Skin in a Preview folder that is in the .rar file that y'all can download to enjoy this skin. You can use this skin to your own personal liking and even create your own skin with the typed TUTORIAL/INFORMATION text document that's also apart of the .rar file. I might do some more in the future and upload them so the public can use them as well. Before I end my ramble please note that I won't be doing customs for you for I made it pretty simple in the INFORMATION text document that has a step by step process to it. If you need any help then I'll trey best to log back on whenever I log back on and try to give some feedback that might help you with your situation. Thanks and enjoy!! Note: Hey guys, for the "Camo.jpg" file resize the picture to 1094x806 so it can be a little bit easier to see the words when you press the start button at the Aurora Homescreen. Same thing if you want to create your own Aurora Skin by using your own custom picture, make sure that when you replace the original "Camo.jpg" file that's already provided that you resize your own "Camo.jpg" pic to 1094x806. Sorry for the small mess up. Itachi_Uchiha_Aurora_Skin.rar
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