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  1. Hi mate i just try to reinstall the dash all good now. thanks for the response.
  2. In the tutorial i have view you need to run default.exe. but in my case i can't see any default.exe files and not able to browse my files.
  3. Sorry i can't see this anymore i can only see game data even my folders are not available to view. I think i need to install FSD from dvd iso?
  4. Hi, I just try to delete the FSD folder and copy new fsd folder. But after rebooting it doesn't boot up the fsd and can't see any games. I can only see the games data from system settings/storage. I just watch over youtube about installing FSD. And I found this forum from that video. The video is good, but I can't see the games that I had when I tried to look over the default.exe file, and I go to MY GAMES. It only shows NO GAMES FOUND. DOWNLOAD THEM FROM THE GAMES STORE. Which is different from the tutorial I have watched lately.
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