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  1. Understand. So let's see aurora.
  2. Thanks thinking on it. Anyway figured it out what was the problem. content.db integrity check has errors. Deleted the content.db and it works .
  3. Hi , Played monday without any issues , but when i wanted to play next day with the same game, after start was a black screen , then fsd restart. Games disappered (all!) , game path too and i couldn't set the game path. Profile is ok , can browse the internal and the external hdd too. I have the following error in debug.log. ( I have the full log) . Someone could check it? Maybe the content.db damaged? Is it possible to repair ? Thanks a lot 18:41:50.040|KompexSQLiteStatement|F9000000|FAILED TO PREPARE: SELECT version FROM schemaVersion 18:41:50.040|FSDSql|F9000000|schemaVersion table not there 18:41:50.044|KompexSQLiteStatement|F9000000|Step returned 11 18:41:50.045|FSDSql|F9000000|ERROR while creating temp tables: file: Tools\SqliteWrapper\KompexSQLiteStatement.cpp line: 118 error: database disk image is malformed 18:41:50.084|FSDSql|F9000000|DELETED CONTENT 18:41:50.084|KompexSQLiteStatement|F9000000|FAILED TO PREPARE: INSERT INTO MountedDevices VALUES (?, ?) 18:41:50.084|FSDSql|F9000000|addMountedDevice 18:41:50.084|KompexSQLiteStatement|F9000000|FAILED TO PREPARE: INSERT INTO MountedDevices VALUES (?, ?) 18:41:50.725|FreestyleApp|F9000000|******************************************************************************** 18:41:50.725|FreestyleApp|F9000000|********* Dash version: 3.0b Rev775 18:41:50.725|FreestyleApp|F9000000|********* Skin version: 3.0b Rev775 18:41:50.725|FreestyleApp|F9000000|********* Plugin version: 3.0b Rev801 18:41:50.725|FreestyleApp|F9000000|********* Kernel version: 2.0.16537.0 18:41:50.725|FreestyleApp|F9000000|********************************************************************************
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