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  1. Hello everyone. Can someone provide me the extractps3swapfiles application ? Because all the hosting sites for which the links were provided have already deleted the file. If someone has it please reply.
  2. I read there is a way to install Multiman on ODE too. But It's a different multiman not the one designed for CFWs. So can the ode Multiman be used to play the dumped games or will it play ISO only ?
  3. It couldn't be worse. I suppose Multiman is a lot better option than this stupid ODE.
  4. Thank you . I found the user manual which redirected me to exactly what I was looking for =). This ode sucks anyway.
  5. Hello. I am running Cobra ODE on Superslim 4k system with a firmware version on 4.55. I got it installed by one of the serviceman for the ps3 in my area. My question is whenever I try to convert a ps3iso to swap iso I get an error the eboot.bin file wasn't found this iso doesn't need to be converted. I have tried resigning the eboot file but the problem still persists. I am a complete noob when it comes to ODE . So could someone please guide me how to play backups on my system? Maybe a detailed tutorial consisting of everything I need to play would be helpful. The serviceman gave me a Swap Disc already
  6. Thank you everyone for your help and mrknorton for providing the TU. Much appreciated
  7. Hello everyone. I wanted to know if is it safe to download a TITLE update from XBOX Live server when your XBOX is Rgh'ed . I am unable to find the TU for Saints Row 4 on Unity marketplace but the TU from Microsoft Server is available. So would that be a problem if I accept the update from MS server? Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you
  8. You are a savior , sir. GOD2ISO was what I was looking for. Solved my problem after I converted it to ISO format and then launched it from the xex file. Thank you very much .. =)
  9. Fakelive is already disabled, I will try to run it through god2iso tomorrow and let you know. Thank you
  10. Sadly I don't have my discs with me anymore. Anyway I will try swapping the hard drive with a different xbox on rgh and will see if it works because the same game rips have worked on my friends xbox without a fault. Thank you everyone for your help
  11. I am trying to run the games from my internal HDD and all the games are converted to GOD format. For some I am getting disc is unreadable even though I have played more than 60% of the game and for some I am getting the game error saying "try downloading the game again"
  12. Thank you Swizzy. I updated to 17502 but still I am getting the same errors for the games.
  13. Hello I own a XBOX 360 Slim 4gb Corona with RGH and I am running the dashboard 16537. I have used the xbox without any problem but since the last 1 month while playing games it's giving me a fatal crash intercepted error after I've played the games for sometime and some games like GTA 5 quit on it's own after running for a few moment and displays the error to download the game again. More of less each and every game on my hdd is giving me errors after being played for a short amount of time. So I would request the users to provide me with some possible solution as I've no clue what is causing the problem. Any help would be deeply appreciated. Thank you.
  14. Well as I mentioned Moser Baer are the oem for Indian verbs . Could that be a reason that it works ? I know Singapore Verbs Mkm-001 and 003 are the best for burning but I am just saying maybe that's the reason it worked for me.
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