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  1. I am new to xbox modding.I dont know many things. my xbox 4gb slim(glitch2) console's kernel version is 16203 and my dashboard version is 16203 I want update my console to 17489 to play xbox live :-) there are many tutorials on how to update dashboard to 17489 but what I want to know is, if I update dashboard, will it automatically update the kernel too? or Do I need 17489 kernel to update my dashboard?
  2. thank you swizzy. it worked! thank you very much.
  3. I have a xbox 360 slim 4gb.it is corona and glitch2 console. I put dashlaunch on usb drive and installed it but I cant enter xell reloaded by pressing eject.when I press eject it normally shows xbox logo and load dashboard. I also tried using av cable.but It doesnt work. please tell me how to boot into xell. :-)
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