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  1. Never mind, I manually updated to the latest beta and it seems to have broken something loose. All Good Now.
  2. Sorry if this has been answered before, I tried searching through the forum and did not see this exact issue. I have FSD 3 on my JTAG with it connected to my lan via cat5. I have tried the connection on my laptop to make sure the cable is working for internet access and it is. I can access my xbox360 from my pc via FTP, so I know its on the network plus it displays the ip address in FSD. However, nothing internet related seems to work. I can link it to my JQE account, no covers download, weather doesn't search for my location. XLINK KIA (what ever that is) gets a timeout error. I did see in one post that was kind of similar, to disable livestrong but that is set to disabled already according to dashlaunch. If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it! Thanks in advance.
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