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  1. First off let me say I appreciate the help you are giving me. and second I would love to upload that file and I did find one or two of them to send you. but i cannot figure out how to attach file content to a private message i hav don searches through the forms and can't figure it out. is there another way email or something you can PM me an email or some other way to link you.
  2. Okay so I used the GOD2ISO followed by ISO2GOD and when I was in ISO2GOD I got this message Failed to read details from default.xex. So now that makes sense I figured that I' ran across one that wasn't the actual game so I tried a couple more.i keep getting the same message make sense why they wouldn't lunch now. my question now. is where is that little file and exactly why its not in there? Is there a way that I can write one myself make an xex file ?
  3. okay here's the thing I have recently done a JTAG. and before that I have purchased from the online game store many games I have maneuvered them around so that I can see In Xbox 360 games in freestyle dash. but freestyle DASH will not launch them. can anybody tell me how or if ther is an application that I need to run to unlock them or something So I can see the purchase games. and I have games that I have on disc that I can rip to freestyle dash and I can play them. or I can rip the game with my computer and put them on via FTP and I can play those. but I cannot play the game that are originally downloaded from Xbox Live marketplace why is that can anybody help me
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