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    XZP Tool 2.0

    Update: I just loaded the file "default.xzp" and replaced the resources instead of creating the new file and it appears to be working now. OLD POST:
  2. UPDATE: http://www.xbox360iso.com/autogg-v0-9-t677140.html?p=4636143 I resolved this issue, the link above is to help others with the same issue I had in the above post.
  3. First I download the Kernel 16203 (I have tried other versions also its not just this kernel) Then I click "DASH" and then the screen, the process is successful except when it goes to transfer from Jtag to autogg and gives me the error below. I don't know why the error message is blank after I click and download the dash but any help would be great. Attached Photo: Update, 3-20-2012: I wanted to let you know some details I had forgotten to mention.. I am trying to update my current retail kernel 12611 to the latest using the auto method but its spitting our errors when it goes and transfers... there is a folder that was created and there is a file that AutoGG is trying to either download or load called "flashdmp.bin" but I don't know why or how to fix the problem. I need to update this to a newer kernel so I can play certain games, use LiNK and install the FDPlugin... If I need to provide any other information please post -------------------------------------- Jtag LT+ Info: -- -Xenon, Xbox360 (Phat no Hdmi) -Kernel 12611 (Original Kernel: 1888) -Freestyle Dash 3 Beta Rev 735 -Dash Launch 2.26 -- Thankyou, LateNight
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