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  1. wait so if everything working fine now that mean the FCRT.bin is ok, right? or else i would already get the E7X error like you said, can the kernel update or enable this option made any damge to the FCRT.bin?
  2. Thx for your help if i get you right my drive require the FCRT.bin check, the option to disable it will simply cause the kernel to stop looking for it, so in case there is problem with the FCRT.bin the drive will still work right. so the right thing to do will be to tick the option of disable FCRT.bin, right? and no problem could cause out of it, correct?
  3. can i got some help? :") on XellBuild after enter all the details on Requires FCRT.bin it says True in red letters, after a little look online i got the idea that i should tick the option Disable FCRT.bin check to avoid causing problems to the dvd drive after building the update to the nand. so my question is why it says True and should i disable the FCRT.bin check? since it look like my drive require it. also how could i avoid causing problem to the DVD drive?
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