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  1. Skyrim PC Mod Conversions for JTAG RGH Xbox 360 - Seeing that ririe & puss2puss shared their collection here, I thought I'd do the same, if it's OK. As there's still a small interest in this, I'm sharing the files to those who want it, don't want the hassle of converting & play the mods at once. Almost all stuff, except replacers, are packed as DLCs for easy transfer & management, just be mindful of proper load order. My collection was made over a substantial period of time & is now vastly huge, so providing a list is kinda hard. Although, the shared folder links are pretty much set-up to be easily browsed - broken up into more folder categories for quick searching. Readmes & credits included in the links. I also cannot do any new conversions or grant requests as I don't have my xbox anymore. *I don't claim these mods as my own creations nor do I seek profit. I just converted them to work on a modded JTAG Xbox 360 & sharing the fun to anyone interested. Mod creation credits belong to the proper mod authors. For more info on a particular mod, just google particular file's description, which are generally labled properly, & just visit the original mod's page.
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