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  1. Yes it has a DMZ option on router how should setup be? In both console and router?Enviado desde mi SM-N900V mediante Tapatalk
  2. I have a router direct to internet, and a switch, i tested both but it isn't passing the test in different ways... Enviado desde mi SM-N900V mediante Tapatalk
  3. i was trying in difrent configurations starting whit (ALL) and testing and yes mi conole´s ip match the ones on the opened ports.
  4. hello again! its me again trying to play online cod black ops 2 by system link but im not able to pass the test of both data and broadcast ports, i already opened those ports in my router, but im not able to pass the test, could anyone help?
  5. i did that already whit dashlaunch 3.15 also unplug network cable, but no luck, same thing...
  6. Ok, so i downloaded from other website and copy files to content/000000000000 folder, and its working! Thank you! Enviado desde mi SM-N900V mediante Tapatalk
  7. Yes its installed i have 2 accounts in this xbox one is local and other one is live profile, when i choose the xbox love profile, sends a message that there's an update available i have dash 17349 installed then i cancel and cant bypass from there...
  8. I did not install any TU yet, also console is in current date, it is weird, but like i said is my first time installing and playing GTA V (not a gamer yet) should i install any TU? If so, which number?
  9. Hello Swizzy im new in this rgh world, i made my own rgh and i like to learn more and more about this, but i tried to install GTA V in my xbox whit aurora 0.5b but when i run the game asks for sign in i choose any profile but it doesn't work can't bypass that window and i cant play (never played before) i been googleing but cant find anything about the theme, can you help me whit this? Thank you!
  10. i did paste the folder in Content and Games (to try) folders and scan the path in those folders but only shows my xbox 360 games GOD files.
  11. hello i been googleing about how to play XBLA games on AURORA 0.5b i´m new in this world of rgh and trying to learn as much as possible about all of this awessome world of JTAG/RGH and thats my question i downloaded a game (TRIALS FUSION) BUT im not able to play since i cant find how to install in aurora 0.5b so, can someone help? thanks in advance and sorry for BAD ENGLISH i do my best to learn too thank you!
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