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  1. yes, that is what happens. what can I do?
  2. I cant download anything from the marketplace, I can just download covers and title updates from unity. PLEASE HELP And also, file browser not working on xbox guide
  3. i cant load gta v mod menus with freestyle plugin. I tried 10 different mod menus and they worked but disabled my freestyle plugin, and I couldn't play the game because few seconds after I started the game, it stopped and there was a message says "please enter disk 2", even that played on disk 2. I could load the mods before and everything worked fine but one day freestyle plugin stopped working, I disabled the mod menu plugin and freestyle plugin started work again. that what happens every time, please help! I'm using: dashluanch 3.15 aurora 0.5 freestyle 775 gta v tu 26
  4. I can't use system link even that when I press "verifry system link" it says that everything is good and all is check in V and nothing in X I installed aurora 2 days ago and system link worked fine but today I put dlc on cod advanced warfare and when I wanted to play no game working with system link and it is steel gray... PLEASE HELP ME!
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