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  1. hi guys i am update my xbox 360 to 2.0.16203.0 and show the avatar to the end the problem is when i play any game black ops 2 and MW3 and i select a room or puplic room and i enter but when i select system link and wait to host >>>>>> there are not host any host is just no host every game why ?? and i enter the room and complete every thing but just this the problem please any one sorry for my bad engilsh i am iraqian player
  2. go to setup and select first one and again select the first one and go to last and creat ur path
  3. First Creat Account in jqe360.com and download the LAst V of FSD and check the ip and open port from router that all it is easy and free
  4. yeah true storry dude like u said music menu u r problem it is easy try remove from xbox and setup the old V and update the old V of FSD.
  5. ok ok i will thx dude
  6. in Black ops 2 just that game ???
  7. my Dash update is 16197 and normally my games is xex no GoD second every time play online show it fatal crash
  8. hi guys thx for everything i update my xbox to last V ok the problem when open in game and enter System link and enter game with friends there fatal crash problem wt i am going to do ?
  9. do u mean my dash ???
  10. Hi Guys Wt is up i am from iraq and thx to all FSD team My problem is in last V of FSD when i open the FSD 3 and i welcome on That one problem faceing me >>>> the problem is when go to setup and and select a plugin and select stauts and select load my clonse never Change option from Load to Unload why ?? i try download it from xbox 15 times and 6 times from FSD site what i do Please help ME ??? and no problem faceing just that problem i download all covers and TU just Plugin problem ??? Please Admin ......
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