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    Cant boot RGH

    so Ive been trying alot of solutions, but none of them work this is what happens when i try to boot. im using a Falcon RGH so what happens is everytime i try to boot it doesnt go past the Xbox logo it just freezes at the logo im using the wireless xbox adapter and ive tried unplugging it and launching and everything but i cant get it to boot into freestyle, ive tried bypassing the plugins on Dashlaunch but the console just turns off. I cant access the HDD from the console (physically i can) but i can never get past the boot logo no matter what i do it either freezes or just sits there. It usually freezes when the adapter is plugged in and just sits there when it isn`t. I use XBLS Liberty and have never had a problem and there servers rarely go offline. Ive updated the console as best i can to 17349 and was playing on it today until it just keeps getting stuck at boot logo. i havent even had it for more then 6 months. I NEED HELP
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