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    Crap Ops 3?

    I only had time to play online for 30 minutes or so last night, but did anyone else think BO3 kind of sucks compared to AW or even BO2? And yes, I know the graphics are greatly degraded from the PS4/One versions, but it feels more like a shooter from the mid-90s than anything... Maybe I need more time playing to appreciate it?
  2. I was just wanting to update this real quick--- I switched to 360 CM , re-installed/uploaded the compatibility packs and online LINK works again.... Now I just wish people played this damn game... I'll see a few people on zombies but scarcely does anyone seem to play normal, which is unfortunate..I prefer it so much over BO2...
  3. I backed out the recent upgrades and will try the 360 content manager... only used horizon because it seemed like that was the first/easiest thing i found a year or 2 back to install certain games... thanks for the tip with 360 cm... will post back when i get to try that.
  4. I don'thave the day zero or advanced arsenal addons installed, just maps, TUs, and comp packs... RGH system and I used Horizon to install the addons to my drive... Never had issues in the past with playing once I installed the comp packs... Just wanted to say thanks for the input so far and any future input.
  5. Saw some prior posts about issus with older comp packs and such, but is anyone else having issues playing on LiNK even though they have Compatibility packs 1-6, all the bonus maps, season pass, and running TU18? Under Aurora when I bring up game details it shows all the DLC and TUs installed, but when I launch the game and go to multiplayer it says I need to be on xbox live to play. Thanks to any help that can be offered!
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