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  1. @Swizzy: Have you seen Idefix's MetroStyle for FSD3? That's the kind of customization I'm looking for. I do realize a lot of things are possible with Aurora, that's why I keep saying "for now" I have no plans to migrate. I still like FSD3 and am comfortable with it. No Aurora skins have really caught my attention yet, but I'm sure that day will come. Besides, I'm still too attached to my own personalized FSD skin. heh Anyway, I've updated my OP for future reference.
  2. @felida: Tried your suggestion just now. Aurora vs. FSD's numbers interpret differently. It would be pointless (for now) to try to "get an understanding of the differences," because I don't even understand FSD's coverflow numbers completely just yet. That would only make me more confused. The point of this post is because I want to understand FSD's coverflow, not Aurora's, so FSD gets priority. P.S. Right now, I have no plans to switch over to Aurora. In its current state, and this is just my opinion, as far as Aurora's UI goes, it's too closed for my liking. It's like iOS vs. Android. There's very little you can do to truly customize your Aurora; the skins that I've seen all look the same, just with different paint jobs. I feel like it's a step back from FSD, just UI-wise; the other perks, "engine-wise," are fantastic, however. @Swizzy: Now I'm gonna use your guide. Once I'm done and get a better understanding, I'll probably edit my OP to reflect it to hopefully help others looking for the same answer.
  3. Awesome, Swizzy! I have a couple questions: 1. What about the "backcover flip" for the highlighted item when you push up the R thumb stick during the row view? I know it has no entry, but which one of these would affect that the most? Because I've managed to get something working, row view-wise, but when I flip the backcover, it gets too all up in my face. lol It's too close. I just want to frame it. 2. I also want to correctly frame cover for the gave I've selected (when it's the only one showing, angled + game description). Like #1, I've managed to get something working row view-wise, but when I select a game, it gets too close to the screen and/or part of it ends up being cut off. **I kind of have a feeling this is just how FSD's coverflow works. I'll use your guide when I start tinkering again with this tonight. Thank you! I did read what it does, but I just thought you were saying something else -- that I should just migrate to Aurora because of its live coverflow editor. But now I understand what you were suggesting all along. I actually might just try that! Aurora's coverflow version has too many entries for what FSD allows, but it might just work! If not, I have Swizzy's guide at the very least.
  4. Yep, saw that. Unfortunately, all Aurora skins I've seen so far all look the same with just different colors.
  5. Version 2.0.8 had Virtual Memory, and it broke some games. Crash Team Racing, for example, would not load up. It gets stuck at "Sony Entertainment America Presents" with the intro voice, then all of a sudden you get congratulated for finishing the quests. Even the dev acknowledged this. Now we have 2.0.9 and the broken games caused by VM are now working again. I hope they implement HW gpu plugin soon, because that would be amazing! Also, I hope the improve on the UI and just load PCSXR360 to the games folder with the cover arts. There's really no use to load it up to the main folder of PCSXR360.
  6. UPDATE: I'm updating this post in case someone else might need it. x = -left, +right y = -down, +up z = -zoom in, +zoom out CameraPos = position of the camera; know that if you set the view of your collection too close, when you select a game, the selected game's box art might be too close to the camera or end up being cut off (or, worse, seemingly disappear). +4.5 is the closest I recommend. CameraAim = the aim of the camera; i.e. if you aim it down, you'll be looking "down" on your collection, seeing their tops. RightPos = position of the group of games to the right of the highlighted game. Raise the +x if you want to put a space between your highlighted game and the right group of games. LeftPos = position of the group of games to the left of the highlighted game. "Raise" the -x if you want to put a space between your highlighted game and the left group of games. CenterPos = position of the center (highlighted) game. Raise the +z if you want it closer to the screen, but know that if it gets too close, pushing up the right thumbstick to see the game's back cover might end up being too big...not to mention the size of the box once you actually select it to see the game's details. rowCenterPos = the focal point of the row of games. LeftSpace = spacing between the group of games on the left side. RightSpace = spacing between the group of games on the right side. LeftAngle = angle of the set of games on the left. RightAngle = angle of the set of games on the right. CenterAngle = angle of the center (highlighted) game. rowCenterAngle = I have no idea; didn't touch this. lol FadeFactor data = to fade the side-most games in the view; the lower the number, the higher the fade. I was confused what all these meant because I thought I could also control the size, angle, and position of the highlighted box cover when I viewed its back by pushing the right thumbstick up, as well as the size of the box once I've selected a game (the detail view), so I misinterpreted CameraAim, LeftAngle, and RightAngle. See also Swizzy's more straightforward guide in post #4. ORIGINAL POST: Hi everyone. I'm trying to create my own coverflow layout for FSD, but I've tried for days now and I still can't make sense of each item. Whenever I do figure out something, another question mark pops up and I get confused again. I just need something descriptive for each item, and what the X, Y, Z axes represent. This is from one of the original layouts: <CameraPos x="0" y="0.5" z="5" /> <CameraAim x="0" y="0" z="-2" /> <RightPos x="1" y="0" z="0" /> <LeftPos x="-1" y="0" z="0" /> <CenterPos x="0" y="0" z="1" /> <rowCenterPos x="0" y="0" z="0" /> <LeftSpace x="-1" y="0" z="0" /> <RightSpace x="1" y="0" z="0" /> <LeftAngle x="0" y="0" z="0" /> <RightAngle x="0" y="0" z="0" /> <CenterAngle x="0" y="0" z="0" /> <rowCenterAngle x="0" y="0" z="0" /> <FadeFactor data="15" /> I'd appreciate something like: CameraPos - position of the camera looking at the listed games - x for vertical, y for horizontal, z for rotation CameraAim - position of the camera looking at the highlighted game RightPos - position of the...right side set of the games?? Thanks in advance! P.S. I already tried the past 3 days looking for FSD coverflow tutorials, but couldn't find any. Everybody seems to be moving on to Aurora, but I still prefer FSD because it's easier to mess around with without necessarily knowing how to code.
  7. What template are you using? Because it depends on the template/skin you're working off of from. First you need to extract the *.xzp file using the XZP tool. Then, depending on the skin, you simply put the video in its designated folder (overwrite it, same name). BlackEX, for example, has the video in the "Video" folder where the skin.xml file is located: BlackEX/Video/videofile.wmv But I've encountered another skin, I unfortunately forget the original name, where the vid file was inside: SkinName/Images/Mod/Video/videofile.wmv Just go through the folders of your template and you'll find the video file. As for the format, I use Sony Vegas, and encode it to WMV V9. It has to be V9, otherwise it won't show up in the skin, at least from my experience. Lastly, once the skin is active on your FSD, make sure you go to "Appearance" and turn the video on, unless you already know how to set up your SkinSettings.xml.
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