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  1. ok and there is a way to fix it or do something
  2. is that if I can not play because both ports fail so not me nor the items appear if you think a game appears to others
  3. I can do me a favor ports do not read and are open until dmz but does not work out failed when I say here are the images check that all is well not to be
  4. Corvo

    port problem

    what I mean is that the ip xbox has not changed and the ports are not open properly but I recognize from time to time was that no longer worked as if he had changed some settings
  5. Corvo

    port problem

    The ip is fixed and does not change worked two days ago but yesterday no longer recognizes them out failed and so do not come out the games but if I can join or create games roms
  6. I have a problem with the ports but does not recognize aurora are open properly if they can help me thank you very much
  7. Corvo

    Problem with MGSV

    Use translator and not speak good English but: mission and reach 42 but no longer leave me but I only have secondary als expect an update and if avoid the bug does not lead to quiet the mison 29 and 42 I could clarify that doubt thank you very much
  8. I connect with aurora But as it is Even so thanks
  9. Translator men that if black ops 2 and halo reach fake live or normal needs without the need for this program
  10. Y en black ops 2 y en el halo reach q son los q mas juego esos necesitan ese fake live o normal
  11. esto tengo una pregunta si para hablar cuando estoy jugando me sirve la diadema del xbox la conecto y ya o tengo que hacer algo en especial para que me funcione cuando este jugando gracias a que me pueda ayudar o aclarar que es lo que tengo que hacer
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