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  1. Thank you very much for answer. I think that there aren´t any further updates but I wanted to be sure.
  2. Hi people, I see that on Xboxunity there is only TU1 for Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2012) and I want to ask you if there is newer TU for this game than #1 ? Title ID: 45410961 Media ID: 453CE268 If yes can you upload it for me ? Thank you very much for answer
  3. Hi, is there a TU for Wet ? Title ID: 425307DB Media ID: 666E3BB8 There´s no TU for this game on XboxUnity, but there´s no TU for lot of games on XboxUnity that have TUs like Alien Isolation and Far Cry 4 so I´m asking to be sure if there really isn´t any TU for this game or if there is. If there is a TU for this game, can you please upload for me the latest TU on XboxUnity ? Thank you very much for answer EDIT: I found out that this game doesn´t have any TU.
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