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  1. will take caution from now on, what to do with the unformatted memory, leave it be?
  2. Moved launch.ini to my external HDD, and everything works fine. Thanks BTW, help? http://www.realmodscene.com/index.php?/topic/5633-internal-4gb-corona-memory-unformatted-rgh/
  3. Hi, i was messing around with ftp servers through FSD, i mustve done something wrong even tough i didnt delete or paste anything on it, now my internal 4GB is appearing unformatted. Previously, i was unable to use the 4GB memory for any read or write purposes, profiles or game saves, nothing would get copied on that drive. So ive been using an external drive for games profiles and save files. My xbox boots fine, i can play games and do everything normally, iam just curious as to why it is appearing unformatted. And if i format it, will it ruin my RGH? and will formatting result in me being able to use the internal memory again? Thanks.
  4. are you sure R/W on mmc or NAND is a smart decision onthe Corona? iam planning on getting the internal HDD soon
  5. oh so dashlaunch is aleady installed on my nand then? since it runs normally. So where do i save the launch.ini in, MMC or NAND?
  6. will the dashlaunch still function as it should? or would i still have to boot it through xex to switch it on?
  7. hi, i recently purcahsed an rgh'd Corona. I want to install Dashlauch on the internal memory, but coronas apparently dont allow the use of the internal 4gb memory. So i have it on my usb, it boots up just fine. I was wondering where do i save the launch.ini file? i have a 50 MB MMC. and 3.8gb internal memory. Which of these two options i choose from? dont want to mess anything up, since everyone has warned me not to mess around with internal 4GB, as it is now my NAND. thank you
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