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    xell red screen

    well.. i tried to rebuild my nand becouse swizzy's advice was gread but still there was a problem with the nand.. the xeBuild is giving me this..
  2. ACe8

    xell red screen

    Hello, Im new with this rgh thing and xbox... I bought my xbox 2 days ago and started working on it to update my dashboard because some games doesnt work.. Fifa 15 etc... So i got my cpukey, my nand, my dash veraion 16202 and i got xbox corona 4gb.. All od that i learned in one long night but still cant make my xell work properly.. It doesnt work when I turn my xbox on by clicking the eject, and when I try to make it work with xell launcher it works for some secounds but them one big red screen is coming up.. Something looks like a lot of errors...
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