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  1. UPDAE: well it seams that you can only host a lobby if you are using your pc as your internet connection source. So you will not be able to connect to others games. Its better to be the host of the lobby any how
  2. Yes, it dose work in game chat, but mw3 is like the only game that has system link game chat disabled.
  3. No fucking way oh how much I love fsd, sorry for the cussing I am excited.
  4. Lol why not just allow the user to input their own api key ? (Just giving a suggestion for a later release)
  5. So basically I saw so many people having trouble with passing the test and since my knowledge with port forwarding is so advanced I decided to make a TUT about fixing the fun issues of pf'ing. I want to see more people on LiNK so don't give up. This video is for users who are sharing internet with their console. BUT even if you are connected dorectly to the gateway on your console and stil can't gwt them to open this TUT explains reasons on why that could be. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QKqWaCmkw_E&hd=1 Very important things to remember: you need to start in this order: 1. gateway 2.portmapper/bittorent & utorrent 3. ICS I explain it all in the video so don't be confused Also if port mapper dose not work and gives you an error you will need to do the bittorrent and utorrent method. AND DO NOT ! skip through the video or your going to screw your self over Need extra help ? AIM: homeatlast12345
  6. I would also like to add that I can host and in fact had half the link lobby in my game.
  7. Link is in fact telling me I have tu6 on, in this case it would be the xex's and of course dev is off, I would also like to state that LiNk sorts the people of a game by TU so lets say im on tu 1 and your on tu2 we wouldn't be able to see each other in the link game lobby (not the system link lobby) I have confirmed this. So with that said would some one link me to some update xex's
  8. I know a bunch of threads have been made about this but im looking to work on a solution for it. So if you can join a system link game on bo2 then I just need a few questions answered. Im also going to explain my issue and what I know about it. questions: what is the version number listed at the top right hand corner you see ? If its not 25.0.-1 would you upload and link me to both your default.xex and default_mp.xex ? If it is 25.0.-1 and you can join system link games with out issue do let me know. what version dash are you on ? do you have any ideas on how to fix what my issue is, that's listed below ISSUE: well everything is fine and updated when I go to do system link I can see other players games, and when I go to join them it loads and then says error unable to join game session. BUT this is only with LiNK if i use xbslink or xlink I have no problem joining a bo2 game. I can how erver use LiNK for any other cod game and have no issue what so ever hosting/joining a game. So thanks in advance for the help.
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