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  1. Thanks. But I am not sure if I understand when you say boot to NXE. This is what I tried: Inserted Disc 1, went to Original XBOX Dash, Games, Hit the options, got option to install, installed it. Next did the same steps with disc 2. Now I have no discs in DVD drive. Back to original XBOX dash, games and I selected NXE2GOD. It told me that it found battlefield disc1 & disc2 and I want to continue. I hit yes and in about second job completed. Went into FSD, under Xbox 360 games I see 4 covers for battlefield 3. Tried to play from 2 covers but nothing happened. So deleted those 2 covers. When I went in to delete them, It should me path in content folder then some zeros folder, anther folder and then some 7000 folder and inside that there was backup folder. Now I browsed to it through file manager and see only two 44KB files lying there. I deleted both those covers that were pointing to backup folder. Tried to load game from other 2 covers and it loads but asks me to install HD content. But I already installed both the discs so it should be there. That was the end of the day for me. I was tired. Next up, the task for today is: How do I get rid of 1 cover. I don't want 2 covers for same game. Plus I want HD content. This is what I plan: Delete the complete game again (disc1 & disc2). Delete the folder also manually. Only install disc 2 by above method by going to original xbox dash. As disc 2 is single player game. Use nxe2god to do it's work. Then check how many covers I get. Hope the game will launch and when it asks for HD content to be installed, I will insert disc 2 and let it do its work. How this will get me going today. I will post back late at night. Between, if anyone from you can shed some more light on it, that will be great.
  2. That reply in the 1st post does not help as I am using original DVDs to play games and would like to know how do I copy original DVDs to internal HDD to play without DVDs later. I understand I need to have HD content installed. How do I do that? I played to game normally with DVDs and it works. What exactly do you want me to do to when you say to just copy the discs to your console? How and where? Can you please guide?
  3. Hello Champs, I am beginer on XBOX. I got it JTAGed recently and the person just loaded the FSD and handed it over to me. I managed to read/watch a lot online and learn quite a bit. I even extracted the downloaded ISOs using ISO2GOD, Xbox backup creator, exiso, and moved them to my internal 250GB HDD from a FAT32 formatted flash drive and everything works fine. Now the issue started yesterday. After finishing my office at 6pm, I got my hands on an original BattleField 3 DVDs from a friend until Monday. I planned to copy them into my internal JTAGed HDD and play game and return it to friend on Monday. Today it is 8:45pm and I have spent close to 15 hours on my laptop and xbox trying to get this thing to work. Read quite a lot, tried a lot of things but it just wouldn't work. Disc 1 is the multiplayer/HD content disc. Disc 2 is the single player disc. After making mistakes a few times, I now used XEXMenu, created a folder hdd1\ames\BF3 and selected (y) and started the copy dvd options. I thought let me try to get this working and see if I can play the game atleast without bothering for disc1 which says multi-player and HD content. I went to FSD>XBOX 360 games> started Battlefield 3 and it loaded. When start a new campaign, it is asking me to insert single player disc. I think I learnt a lot since yesterday but this is still not helping me. Now question here is: How do I get the game to work without asking me to insert single player disc? And what steps shall I take to get disc 2 (HD content) to be copied and enjoy that too. Please help. I know it might be very stupid question for many of you but sorry I am really not an expert yet. You kind help will be very helpful. Thank you.
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