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  1. Is there another way to edit the .bin files Freestyle Dash uses besides GaDaBaMa, cause I can't get that to work on my computer. When I add descriptions to games on the web ui the text gets cut short, no matter what I try to find (illegal characters in text or length a information).
  2. I only have the choice of 16:9 or 4:3.
  3. Ah, ok. Thanks for answering.
  4. My TV doesn't have that setting. It just has an aspect button to switch between 16:9 or 4:3. What does that info show you?
  5. On the newest version of FSD when you click the guide button at the bottom of the screen there is something written, also it doesn't matter if your ingame or on FSD. I tried to adjust the screen overscan, but it doesn't move?
  6. I don't like the xbox dashes (don't like the kernel I'm on now). Yes I boot into FSD, but I still have to go back to the xbox one to change settings with network.
  7. That's ok for now, I haven't used it yet. At least I'll know what to do when I want to use LiNK.
  8. Found a work around, I downloaded rev 483 and took the plugin only. Now it works again while remaining on the kernel previously stated.
  9. I hit default settings under general settings, but it didn't change. It doesn't load. The version is 13599, but they worked on this version before I updated. I think I was on rev 402. Is there a minimal version to be on?
  10. I updated to 735 (a little late) and I just noticed the temperature readout and the option to return to Freestyle Home has disappeared.
  11. If it still doesn't copy right, I can copy a game tomorrow and write down everything I did.
  12. When I copy the dvd via FSD, I click the DVD Extractor, the disc tray automatically comes out, I set the game on the tray and don't press the eject button, I instead press ok on screen which will close the tray. Then I believe it starts to copy.
  13. kmssd

    The old kxam.patch

    Now that the ping patch is integrated into F3, does this mean I can delete the kxam.patch file in the root of USB drive (and any other locations it may be in)?
  14. Just updated to a FSD with link, I have to figure out how to use it and how to keep the box "offline" and unbanned.
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