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  1. Got the language changed, cheers all, now it's just figuring out how to install stuff. Xbox doesn't seem to recognise my ntfs usb but does recognise the smaller fat32 one
  2. Appreciate the help guys. Especially from cozmo but thing is figuring out how to even use file manager is a challenge as everything's in chinese, can anyone screenshot what it looks like/what options your controller has in the file manager section?
  3. Okay, apologies for this being my first post as you lads must hate someone coming here just to ask for help. Got a few problems/queries. First off, I'm living/working in China, I got an Xbox 360 here and it came with FSD installed. Problem is it's all in chinese, from what i've managed to figure out from the settings I can find the language section while the xbox is on but it doesn't actually change the language/anything to English. On the original xbox dashboard it's all in English but it would be really amazing if I could get FSD into english as well. Secondly i'm totally new to changing my own xbox, a lot of my games are in Chinese, many aren't, Fifa 14 is which is annoying so I downloaded a torrent of Fifa 15 and have it on a usb but no idea what programs I need to then install it to the hard drive in the way i've been told I can. Obviously the first issue of changing language is a lot more pressing and i'm wondering if anyone can give me a step by step (because i'm a moron) guide as to how it is I can change FSD to English as I feel it'll make part 2 and the future installation of any games a hell of a lot easier. Cheers in advance for anyone who feels like helping me out. Immeadietly noticed the community here seems active and vibrant so getting this all working is pretty high on my to do list as I can really get the most out of this xbox if I can.
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