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    I see the option to see just favorites when looking at games, but I can't figure out how to designate certain titles AS favorites. Currently, displaying favorites only shows no games for me. What am I missing? TIA
  2. "Download F3 775 and try that instead" That was it, thx!
  3. Hey, Guys. Running a slim RGH with the 17150 dash and the F3Rev58Release, so I think I have all that right. From XeXMenu, I start the default.xex in my FSD folder that I transferred to my internal 250GB HDD and it just goes to a black screen. I've installed fresh from both a front and back USB port, even tried running directly from a USB stick on the rear port - same results. I've installed many full games, XBLA, etc. so I'm not a total newb. What am I missing? Here is my debug.log: TIA!
  4. Have an original XBox 360 that I JTAGged back in 2010. I was attempting the avatar update yesterday so I could play some newer XBLA games (Yars' Revenge, How to Survive, etc.) and apparently have bricked it. I'm was running 8995 and did the 8995 update via flash drive. Now, it powers on but I get no video, etc. and the control doesn't sync. Since it's been 5 years since the JTAG, the original NAND and CPU key are long gone. My nifty CAT5 connector for reading them is still hanging out the back, tho! Is there a way to put a "stock" NAND on it to revive it so I can "reJTAG" it or any other ways to bring it back from the dead? Thank you, guys!
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