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  1. thanks for the info pulse.........................


    interestingly when i hook this 360 up to my Panasonic Plasma via HDMI it gives a crazy image ,  but if i hook it up to my Samsung PC Monitor through HDMI and CRT TV ( composite ) its fine.  My HDTV ( Panasonic ) works with 4 other 360's i have and 6 PS3's ,  i have read in a forum ( ps3hax ) that someone returned their Panasonic HDTV due to a HDMI fault it was manufactured the same year as mine.


    so im a bit stuck is my HDTV causing the wacky image or this Reflow was done incorrectly and damaged the GPU ?


    i may be able to get a refund as i bought it off ebay....................


    what do you guys think ?

    It really depends as to what his listing said when you made the purchase as to whether or not you can win a paypal dispute on the item.Offhand I don't know if there's GPU damage to the xbox in question or if its your tv. If the device still works you might want to consider reballing it if you have the equipment, but before you make that decision I'd test it out on other tv's to see if the problem can be replicated. Also, the issue you're having might be why he reflowed it in the first place. No one EVER does a preventative reflow, solder doesnt work that way, it's either connected or its not, there's never a reason to remelt solder that has a connection unless you're doing a reball and removing the silver solder and replacing it with the lead-based kind so that RRoD doesnt happen.

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  2. I think you got lied to, if the x-clamp has been modded with bolts or the stupid penny trick then it most certainly had RRoD before and was fixed by someone who should've done a reball to it. Those mods can seriously damage the GPU and will almost always eventually cause a re-occurrence of a cold solder joint on the board.

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  3. It's not taking any time to actually look for bootanim.xex, it's simply loading the kernel and doing the kernel stuff... this is why they even added that bootanimation in the first place, to not have a black screen while booting...

    Okay, so it just seems like a longer boot time because by removing the bootanim you have that wait time, plus however long it takes for dashlaunch to autorun fakeanim? If thats the case then it seems to me that the eye candy isn't worth the increased boot time, that or I didn't calibrate mine correctly when I first ran it. I'll just default fakeanim and try for a recalibration then.

  4. Not with how it's written, from what i understand fakeanim expects the kernel to have all paths setup already, which is why it needs to be loaded by dashlaunch, bootanim is normally started right before (while) the kernel does it's thing...

    =\  okay.....  would be nice though to just have it replace bootanim without adding the lag while the firmware looks for bootanim to load. hmm..... Maybe edit the bootstrap to prevent it from searching for bootanim? That'd speed up the POST of the device I think. I'm not a coder but if can be set as null that'd be awesome. From what I'm understanding the delay on the POST is being caused by a timeout by the flash looking for bootanim correct? if that execution code can be null set then would'nt it just boot normally without having to wait for the timeout?

  5. Here's a question, is it possible to use xebuild to have fakeanim renamed as bootanim without breaking it and writing it to flash so that there's no delay on the boot? I havent tried it yet but the thought just occured to me

  6. As in FSD, having fanspeed control would be nice to keep the chip running under 78C, I noticed with FSD I could get it as low as 45C even after playing a game like Assassins creed.




    I just read page two of the original thread and I see that this has already been requested and that the Dashlaunch temperature threshold was given as an answer, I apologize. =\

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  7. The xbmc devs arent going to port it, if you want to attempt it that is up to you, but a project as big as XBMC would take hours to go through, then you have to understand PPC arch, and then you would have to recode every function to work with the librarys, and every thing else. Then when you were done with all of that, I couldnt guarantee it would run great. I think for something like that you would be better off using LibXenon, which gets direct access to the hardware, so you would get better performance, but then you would have to NIX alot of features, such as Xlink Kai, Game Launching, etc. And when you were all done with that you would basically end up with mplayer, which has already been converted to xell, and even that has its issues. eg. blue ray rips freeze up because the xbox cant handle the frame rate.


    I have found it easier just to use a media server, such as Serviio, and stream the files from the computer to the xbox. The app mentioned will convert the formats on the fly to stuff the xbox will play. Unfortunatly, that means longer loading times, but it isnt that bad if you arent using wireless. :)

    From what I understand PPC builds were abandoned as Kodi is dependant on OpenGL for its rendering  but that issue was with the 1.8Ghz chips that Apple was using, Isn't ours 3Ghz? I'd love to see a 360 kodi port since I use it with my DLNA server  using Kodibuntu in the living room and I run it for the addons on my main comp. To be able to just have it AIO with my xbox would be pretty awesome but I agree, if it does happen it'll be full of bugs unless a git is started with Team Kodi's support I think.  =\

  8. They don't work with RGH1, only RGH2+/R-JTAG+, a finetuned RGH1 can be faster then RGH2+/R-JTAG+ or atleast more stable ;)

    Ahh I see. I don't really have any load issues with mine so the CR3's are first glitch loads? Mine usually does it in 2-3.

  9. There was a PPC version of XBMC made that might be able to be ported, not sure how well it would work though, I think it's Frodo or Eden though...


    This might be of some help on this subject http://forum.kodi.tv/showthread.php?tid=31065


    Source http://mirrors.kodi.tv/releases/source/



    OSX PPC Binaries


  10. Okay, so here's the deal.


    -laughs and shakes head-


    So I was using 360 Content manager to do a bulk XBLA ftp transfer to my RGH2 Slim Trinity that runs

    FSD3 3.0b Rev  775

    Plugin version 3.0b Rev 801

    Kernel 2.0.17150.0

    Fsd3 would crash after the transfer was complete as it was trying to download MASSIVE covers for all the XBLA files. (I think this is why it crashed)

    I'm assuming a buffer overflow and decided to login to the http server on the device to check the debug log.


    Here's the logfile:

    23:43:14.891|Debug|F9000058|Unhandled exception occured... dumping log

    23:43:24.276|TUDownloadManager|F9000068|Sending XML to Scene to handle

    23:43:33.618|CScnCoverflow|F9000000|CScnCoverflow Destructor

    23:43:33.618|CScnGameView|F9000000|CScnGameView Deconstructor [00021A5C]

    23:43:33.618|CScnGameView|F9000000|CScnGameView Deconstructor [00021A7B]

    23:43:33.618|CScnCoverflow|F9000000|CScnCoverflow Destructor

    23:43:33.619|CScnGameView|F9000000|CScnGameView Deconstructor [0002113B]

    23:43:33.703|AssetManager|F9000000|WARNING: Garbage Collection exceeding 3000 entries....

    23:43:34.029|AssetManager|F9000000|WARNING: Garbage Collection exceeding 3000 entries....

    23:43:34.039|AssetManager|F9000000|WARNING: Garbage Collection exceeding 3000 entries....

    23:43:34.056|AssetManager|F9000000|WARNING: Garbage Collection exceeding 3000 entries....

    23:43:34.073|AssetManager|F9000000|WARNING: Garbage Collection exceeding 3000 entries....

    23:43:34.090|AssetManager|F9000000|WARNING: Garbage Collection exceeding 3000 entries....

    23:43:34.107|AssetManager|F9000000|WARNING: Garbage Collection exceeding 3000 entries....

    23:43:34.123|AssetManager|F9000000|WARNING: Garbage Collection exceeding 3000 entries....

    23:43:34.124|CThread|F9000020|CThread: Forcing termination of thread Unnamed 0xF9000020

    23:43:34.124|CoverflowContentCallback|F9000020|CoverflowContentCallback Thread has Successfully Terminated

    23:43:34.140|AssetManager|F9000000|WARNING: Garbage Collection exceeding 3000 entries....

    23:43:34.152|CThread|F9000028|CThread: Forcing termination of thread Unnamed 0xF9000028

    23:43:34.152|CoverflowLoaderCallback|F9000028|CoverflowLoaderCallback Thread has Successfully Terminated

    23:43:34.156|AssetManager|F9000000|WARNING: Garbage Collection exceeding 3000 entries....

    23:45:37.053|HTTPServer|F9000048|Unsupported form value: Action

    23:50:19.875|SkinXMLReader|F9000000|Configurable Scene: InstanceID: [CustomBackdrop] - ClassName: [scnCanvasPresenter]

    23:50:19.875|CanvasPresenter|F9000000|Background B Path:

    23:50:19.875|CanvasPresenter|F9000000|Has BackgroundA Present: Skin Default

    23:50:19.881|CanvasPresenter|F9000000|Has BackgroundA Present: Skin Default

    23:50:19.881|CanvasPresenter|F9000000|Has BackgroundB Present: No Stage

    23:50:19.881|CanvasPresenter|F9000000|Has BackgroundB Present: No Stage

    23:50:22.095|SkinManager|F9000000|SceneObjectMap- Scene Name: Settings_System, HXUIOBJ: 000412C1

    23:50:29.148|SkinXMLReader|F9000000|Configurable Scene: InstanceID: [PathList] - ClassName: [PathList]

    23:50:29.148|PathList|F9000000|Active List Init



    23:50:29.176|KompexSQLiteStatement|F9000000|Step returned 19

    23:50:29.177|KompexSQLiteStatement|F9000000|Step returned 19

    23:50:29.178|KompexSQLiteStatement|F9000000|Step returned 19

    23:50:29.179|KompexSQLiteStatement|F9000000|Step returned 19

    23:50:29.181|KompexSQLiteStatement|F9000000|Step returned 19

    23:50:29.182|KompexSQLiteStatement|F9000000|Step returned 19

    23:50:29.183|KompexSQLiteStatement|F9000000|Step returned 19

    23:50:29.184|KompexSQLiteStatement|F9000000|Step returned 19

    23:50:29.187|SkinManager|F9000000|SceneObjectMap- Scene Name: Settings_Content, HXUIOBJ: 0004050A

    23:50:32.927|CWeatherLocationList|F9000000|CWeatherLocationList Init

    23:50:32.928|ScnUpdater|F9000000|ScnUpdater Initialized

    23:50:32.928|AutoUpdater|F9000000|URLPATH: http://update.jqe360.com/

    23:50:32.928|HTTPDownload|F9000000|Queue Size: 381

    23:50:32.928|SkinManager|F9000000|SceneObjectMap- Scene Name: Settings_General, HXUIOBJ: 00015535

    From what I can gather (And I'm no expert) but I think the cache is full and the queue size is overloaded, is there a way to clear the Garbage collection and re-queue the cover downloads to a set limited amount to queue?

    I think this would fix the issue and the covers will resume their downloading, that or  http://update.jqe360.com/ is refusing the connection because of the amount of cover requests sent.


    Any thoughts on this that might be helpful in resolving the problem? The RGH2 still runs, still plays games fine but is really sluggish on the HTTP session and it hangs on the cover download queue.

    Thanks in advance for any help that involves NOT removing the content paths and files and starting the whole process over doing a few handfuls of files at a time.


    I'm going to go do some math homework and walk the path of shame,  will say that this has at the least been an enlightening experience for me. ^_^


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