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  1. Hello there! So, after owning a 360 for a while -with FSD3 as the dashboard-. I am thinking of moving to the latest Aurora available atm (0.7b.1) and connect to the internet. As far as I've read, the version available over the site is a clean install one. But how can I apply it? As I'm afraid of simply copying the new files then deleting the FSD3 ones (Had applied that in a different context tho, which was updating from FSD2 to 3, the result was basically not working haha.), I do also recall removing access to Xbox live through Dashlaunch. But I ain't that sure, so would I need anything than the mentioned stuff? (Dashlaunch and the Aurora files) As for the internet connectivity and Xbox Unity, would I need to apply any port-related stuff in the router? Thanks in advance!
  2. The problem in unity is from website, i will try logging in the xbox.
  3. Ok, i will put put dashlaunch. (In the launch.ini or the sample_launch.ini i put liveblock = true and livestrong = false ?) In Unity, i registed and after i finished i logged in and i got a problem (Login Failed, Please Try Again) and i changed my password and i tried again and i got the same problem so what can i do to log in?
  4. Well, i am a noob in jtag/rgh internet connection, i have xbox 360 E and FSD 3.0 rev 775 and i disabled the xbox live and xbox live membership creation from the NXE dashboard, so will i be safe and i could connect to internet normally using the normal way? And is there a problem if i connected to internet and i am safe from the xbox live? And i got a problem in Xbox Unity, after i signed up and i log in it gave me a problem, after that i changed the password using forgot password, and i putted the username and the password and it gave me the same problem, so what can i do.
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