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  1. It would be great to be implemented, the same function that exists at the interface of the original xbox, scroll through the pages of the games by pressing the keys RB and LB. One suggestion for next update ;-)
  2. you're wrong, I just try extracting a cd while playing a game installed on the hard disk of an original xbox, and not restarted. AURORA and FS3 restarts, this is a BUG, a problem... what do you say about it?
  3. for example, is placed on the disc tray GTAV but you're playing guitar hero, which is copied to the xbox when you eject the cd to remove gtv5, aurora restarts... that does not happen in a normal xbox, i guess
  4. Aurora restarts when you eject the CD while you are playing. BUG? WHY?
  5. when you select overscan on "View"> "Display" and change the size, animated background damaged, some black lines appear. but only if the background is animated.
  6. but think about this: if there is a default view when you create a new user. There must be like to change that. the default option for all who create a new user profile
  7. where I can change the default viewing? can stay that way for all users?
  8. What great news, I play from an external hard drive and when I select where I want to download TUs, it freezes. Love Aurora! great work guys!
  9. let me understand, what would be great is that changing preferences when not logged, that preferences remain as the default for all users.
  10. So, then, can you change the default settings for all the users?
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