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  1. Hello, Since upgrading to FSD3 few months ago, I can't see games titles in FSDFlow mode (Game Boxart Visual). I've tried to reinstall FSD and dash launch, but I couldn't manage to solve the problem. I've tried to reset the skin and FSD settings. I have the last version of FSD available with no special plugins, add-ons, or skins. I've tried to move my games from my external HDD to the internal HDD, and had not luck with that either. In CoverFlow mode everything works great, but I don't like this view and prefer FSDFlow. Is there any way to fix that? Thanks in advance. P.S all the other info + pics is working in FSDFlow, just doesn't show the titles(names) of the games. I can still play and see the art.
  2. Hello, I have some weird problem, maybe somebody could help me. When I change from Cover Flow to box view, it doesn't show the names of the games even though it shows all the art themes. How can I fix that?
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