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  1. Yea I tried that method also already lol where I created a blank text file named it alive and put it on the root of the hdd then enabled hdd alive in dashlaunch but that didn't help either. Thanks though.
  2. Yes everything is updated to the latest stuff and My avatar data is installed.
  3. I Know I posted this awhile ago but it kills me that I cant figure out why certain games usually new ones give me a problem where they play for a few minutes and then they freeze up the whole system where I cant do anything. I have tried everything that anyone has told me to try and still nothing I dont understand. I know for sure its not the wiring on the rgh I have redone it so many times to see if that works but nothing. If you have the same problem and know the solution please help. First it was ACIII that gave me a problem now its MGS Revengence. I know its not the rips because I have tried plenty different rips and I know its not the external hard drive because I tried two others.
  4. This Seems To Be The Only Game On My RGH 360 That Freezes After A Couple Minutes Of Playing... What Could The Problem Be? I Tried Ripping It Over and Over I Tried Downloading Other Isos I Tried Replacing The Default.xex With Another I Have The Latest Title Update Active For It Yet It Still Doesnt Work. I Could Play Other Games For Hours and I Could Leave The System On The Menu For Hours and No Freezing So I Know Its Not The Console.
  5. thanks guys I tried both those things and it didnt work not all my games freeze though its just specific ones I also tried re ripping them that didnt seem to work but I did notice a corrupt file in my hard drive for the 360 so i deleted it and it helped big time the game didnt freeze at all and i was playing for hours but then the next time I went to play it started freezing again and then when I restarted the 360 it got stuck on the boot screen so I removed the hard drive and it booted up so maybe its something wrong with the hard drive?
  6. Some Games I Play Sometimes Freeze When Playing Them From My Hard Drive The Screen Gets Frozen and A Little Pixelated and I Have To Power The System Of From The Console. Does Anyone Know What Could Be Wrong?
  7. thanks guys I appreciate it that worked I kinda figured thats what i had to do but didnt want to do anything until i was for sure.
  8. How Can I Connect The Freestyle Dash To My Wifi Instead Of Having To Use ethernet? and If I Have Live Blocked From Family Settings Im Safe From Getting Banned Right?
  9. okay i did that and it just went back to the regular dashboard it doesnt show the freestyle dash
  10. Im trying to install freestyle dash for the first time on my corona 4gb console that i just glitched with a 16202 dashboard. I downloaded the iso installer I burned it to a dvd disc and then I hit play game on 360 it boots up the installer I select my hdd and check install fsd3 and install and configure dashlaunch when its done i hit continue and dashlaunch came up now what do i do?
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