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  1. Go to Settings in FSD. Make sure the Samba option is Checked. Under that it should say "WorkGroup". Make sure that it matches your settings in Windows 7. Under that it should say "XBOX360" You can change it to whatever. I use "JTAG" Next, go into the File Manager in FSD. Look for the folder "smb" Click on it to open. It should open to a folder "Workgroup" Click on that. It should now show you all computers on your network. Click on the one that you want to connect to. A window will pop up. Asking for a Username and password. Put whatever you called the XBOX in the first step. Leave the password line blank. Click the Test button. It should say ' Succesful" Click save settings and exit. Now open windows explorer on your PC. On the Left side it should show "Network" Click the dropdown arrow and you should see your XBOX.
  2. I absolutely love your Skin. I was hoping that you were going to update it after the FSD update. Keep up the awesome work!
  3. So I tried both programs over the weekend and neither one seem to work. Instead I am trying something different. I decided to copy everything over to my PC via Samba. Tonight I am going to install the new 1tb hard drive and then transfer everything back to the XBOX via Samba. I'll update tomorrow with a better explanation incase anyone wants to do it in the future.
  4. I use the Samba method it works great 11mb transfer speed consistant.
  5. Found it! It's called XBOX 360 Commander. I am going to try it tonight and let you guys know what happens. Thanks JPizzle
  6. Thank you for the new features! I absolutely love what you guys are doing for the community. I built my first JTAG in November and stumbled on this site in the process. I found answers to all of my questions here and it made the process so much easier. Thanks again and keep up the good work!
  7. I have searched for an answer and I have had no luck finding one so maybe someone here can help me. My Falcon JTAG has a WD 250gb internal hard drive that I want to upgrade to a Toshiba 1tb drive. Now instead of building the drive/partitions and then slowly transferring everything over, is there a way to clone the drive and restore the image on the new drive? I have done it before with on my PC using Acronis True Image, but I am concerned that it may wipe my drive since the XBOX uses a different file system (FATX if i am correct) Any help would be appreciated.
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