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  1. Okay thanks for the help, Yes I can access the account on the website but when I connect via Xbox it just says error collecting data when I click system link.
  2. Just done the above but it just doesn't want to load her account at all? Could you check the account is correctly setup? Hyper ii Hev Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply, Yes that is exactly what I would like to do Obviously not at the same time but I want my profile for when I play and and partners profile for when she plays As mentioned above I have tried just selecting that profile but it doesn't find games and it won't work if I try to link a new unity account to the console. Thanks again
  4. Any info would be better than none
  5. We only have one console we just want to have 2 profiles able to access LiNK
  6. Is it possible to have multiple profiles working with one Unity account? I have my main profile and my partner has a profile yet only my account will find game? I setup another Unity account for my partner using her profile but this method didn't work either? I did set the account in unity from mine to hers and got the API Key. Thanks in advance, Glynn
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