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  1. nice to get at least a reply. Yeah, I am pretty sure, as to the common sources Fifa 2009 supported vs. games via System Link. I would need to get the game first myself - but I could. Would be great to see even some (oldies) sport games on LINK, here is a list of possible sport games which seam to support System Link (http://www.xboxmp.com/Catalog.aspx?p=2&g=12&hsl=1) I do not have any technical knowledge on how that would work and if it does work at all. Maybe someone RealModScene can assist?
  2. Hey, as i know sport games (fifa 13 and so forth) won't be supported and can't be supported by Link, i was wondering if theoretically older games like Fifa 2009, which has system link options would be playable? If so, are people at all interested in matching up for those? @RealModScene - absolutely awesome what you have give us with LINK, i appreciate it a lot! BIG THANKS !
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