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  1. no i boot to fsd2.2v1072 then boot fsd3 via file manager until i can get my multidiscplugin to work on fsd3. i got over 500 xbla too and all is fine for me.try clearing database/cache and rescan from scratch. as been mentioned earlier in these posts this is a new dash so only has the default dash that came with it for now. need more info.are you ticking dashlaunch and delete old fsd boxes?maybe you can list your launch.ini
  2. Love this Dash. Had to wait like 1 or 2 mins for FSD2.2 to finish the database scan before I could access my games library.FSD3 can click straight to it,no hold ups. My only issue is the multidiscplugin doesn't seem to work on fsd3 but does on fsd2.2. I checked in settings and it says plugin not loaded even though there is a multidiscplugin file in the plugin folder so it should work. I installed fsd3 with the cd installer and that all went great (I unticked remove old fsd and dashlaunch install). I currently boot to fsd2.2 and all the database is fine and when I can get the multidiscplugin to work on fsd3 I'll change my launch.ini to boot straight to fsd3. A the moment I am booting fsd3 from file manager in fsd2.2. So It's nice to be able to run 3 dashboards smoothly with all databases running ok too (FSD2.2,FSD3 and NXE). My only suggestion would be can you make the box art bigger so the back of a game we can read what it says,or a zoom function. Good job guys.Where can I donate?
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