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  1. This time I solved the problem thanks.
  2. Hi. I have a fat jasper. With fsd rev402 I could join system link and play games. But after the beta update to rev438, in the first try I got some weird symbols in the system link menu and crash. After then I reboot the xbox and what the? System link is not Active !!! I deleted fsd and did a fresh install but it was same again. I can't click System Link part under FreeStyle Home. I can join jqe360 and get a successful connection to the site. Ports and the others are ok. UPNP Status: UPNP Enabled Router Found Data Port Status: Port:3072 TCP Pass UDP Pass Broadcast Port Status: Port 3071 TCP Pass UDP Pass Jqe Authentication: Auth nickname: Pass Devlink Disabled: Pass devlink is disabled Ping Patch Enabled: Pass Ping Patch Enabled But still the system link menu is inactive and under link.jqe360.com my xbox location is offline. How can I solve this issue? Where is the wrong?
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