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    F3 on XDK

    how do we get the plugin to work on RGloader? I kep getting blackscreen when plugin is in folder
  2. I have installed the new Mandatory update on my RGh with freeboot 16202 dashlaunch 3.05 and it is working great. Link in guide hud, temps in Hud, room and lobby info, dashlaunch info, etc all work great. Thanks for a great update! Now on to the issue. - Plugin now runs on Retail or Devkit (and RGLoader) Consoles. (Changed) Plugin to work on both devkit and retail consoles dynamically I installed the new update on my Jtag RGLoader_15574_Beta0v305 But just like previous version to allow FSD to work you have to delete the freestlye plugin.xex located in PLUGINS folder to allow it to launch without getting a blackscreen FSD loads up fine without it but my Guide HUD has not changed with new added functions like on my RGH stated above. Is there a fix for this or is it simply a issue with the current RGloader available at this time?
  3. Remove the plugins folder and it will load in RGloader
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