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  1. @Realmodscene, what with 3G connection users? We haven't got routers, we have only 3G modem to quickly connect internet. We sharing internet over LAN from computer, what we must do to LiNK work? For my example, in some test i checked my ports, all are closed/not reachable, but i can browse web (80), connect to ftp (21), create servers in games and many others. XLink Kai and XBslink are worked for me, with little problems at begins, but worked. In summary: UNPN Device is detecting by LiNK (Huawei e3131) LiNK can't use ports (every time in test it's failing) I have internet, jqe360 authentication succesfully I can launch LiNK in games, i can connect to rooms in game but i haven't got any LAN servers in games.
  2. F3 freeze when i try to log on to XLink Kai, always! :< Please, repair this
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