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  1. Well that was easy! Thank again for you support!
  2. Thanks! Yes the system prompts me to connect to Live and update so I guess I need use method!
  3. Ok, I can't connect to Xbox live so i need to install a dashupdate from usb right? I thought installing a "stock" update would destroy my rgh, but I guess that will only happen if I try to install a newer version?
  4. Hello all! I'm sure it's a nob question but I can't seem to find a straight answer. My gave my Xbox to my mom and bought her a Kinect. Now the system need a xbox live update? The xbox uses a 16197.0 dash and FS3 Any 1 who can guide "us" through the steps to install a kinect sensor?
  5. Nice to see a new FSD! You guys keep the 360 a nice up-to-date console ;-) The .nfo states: "IF YOU INSTALL OVER YOUR OLD DB IT WILL DELETE IT" Will this only affect the dashboard? And wil saved games / games / media / etc survive?
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