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  1. Proposal "status messages in LiNK" If playing a game in LiNK that is not called "Call of Duty" means that you have to wait until other players enter your room to play online. It would be nice if there was a message showing a user entering the room. Same with friends. It would be nice to get a message if a friend comes online. So you could switch into his room. - showing status messages in LiNK when a user enteres the room or a friend comes online (global).
  2. Proposal "last played games tile for quick launch" Actually you can switch to profile tile and press Y to start the last played games. People playing 2-3 games will always have to enter "Games" and select the wanted game in the list. This effords a lot of time :-) - create a new tile with the last 4 played games displayed. they could be started by pressing A, B, X or Y. Greets Mufdy
  3. This thread could handle improvement suggestions for F3. Proposal "Kinect disabling option in F3": - implement option for disabling F3 integrated Kinect support on dashboard. I always keep Kinect disconnected because I do not use (and it drives me crazy if it thinks I would like to use) the integrated Kinect support in F3. If my girlfriend wants to play a Kinect game, she has to plug it in to use it. It would be nice to let it connected and have the support in dash board disabled. Greets Mufdy
  4. Really nice - a week overview would be nice! (followed by a month overview in the future) :-)
  5. Bug report: If starting game by pressing Y viewing my profile slate the game starts without the activated TU. Leaving to f3, entering games and starting game there starts the game with TU activated.
  6. BUG REPORT: playing "Dance Central 3" the game loads the first song without problems, after selecting a second song it never ends loading. discovered on F3 with LiNK beta / DashLaunch 3.04 / 16197 / slim I was able to reproduce the error several times. if the game is started on regular F3 with same console, dl, kernel there is no problem loading songs with Dance Central 3.
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