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  1. I dont own a retail console neither do my friends. Is there any site where i can download specific media id versions of games.
  2. Hey guys. I have a problem with terraria on my rgh. I have terraria MID:42F82C25. It has the older update which is not the one i want. I download my updates from xboxunity. However, Terraria MID:362D89A8, has the latest update. PLz tell what do i do. I want terraria MID:362D89A8.
  3. Yes i am using the latest TU and a static ip for my console. I also tried different ports. Here is a screenshot of my LiNK test results.
  4. The problem is, my ISP only speak Arabic. So I cant talk arabic and he doesn't speak english. Here is a pic for my router configuration. Also a pic of my xbox ip. Are the settings correct.
  5. Hello. This is about my third post about this problem but nobody replies. Anyways the problem is that I can't play online with Link. MY system link tab can be accessed and i can even join game rooms. But the host names dont come up when i click join system link in BO2. Please help. I would appreciate it. In the aurora link test, everything passes except the ports, I keep forwarding them but it doesnt pass.
  6. My internet connection is wireless and the ISP is STC in KSA. The Xbox is connected through wifi. Yes i have tried. And i will try to call them.Thanks.
  7. Yes i checked the double router detector and it did not show a 2nd router. Thanks for replying anyways. I think i can't play LiNk. I will still look at this post if someone is replied, incase someone has the fix for me.
  8. Thank you for replying. I have already tried portforward.com and the method there doesen't work either. Please help. You are senior.
  9. Hello. I have a problem with Link. Whatever i do, it wont pass and wont let me join. I have port-forwarded on my router. It still doesn't work. I have set the DMZ to my Xbox IP but still doesn't work. I set UPnP on and it passes but all of them pass except the ports. I cant seem to to port-forward them. Is it an issue with my router. Please help. My router is a Huawei e5172s-920 . I beg of you. Help me please.If you want i can post a few pics of my router.
  10. Hello. I have a problem with advanced warfare on my rgh. When I install the title update on my rgh, it shows exo zombies but i cant play it. I found out i needed the compatibility pack so i downloaded compat. pack 2 and 3. I cannot find compat. pack 1. I do not have a second retail xbox. Can somebody please upload that file for me. They will have a thank you from the bottom of my heart.
  11. Hi guys.Can you help me.I want to install 2 dvd forza motorsport 4 to my console but i do not kNOW HOW TO.PLEASE help.List all the instructions.Help wil be appreciated.thank you
  12. Hi Everybody. Hope you are having a great time. The problem with me is that I accidentally changed my xexmenu skin to something else. Now I know that Hoax HD is the default skin and even when change it back. The zoom is too much and I don't have big,32" flat tv screen like you. i will be getting it in about 1 month but my small non-flat tv can't the zoomed in xexmenu. The skin is just right on my brothers profile. What should I do? Please tell guys. I appreciate your help.
  13. Hey guys. Please reply to my question. Why aren't you replying. i want to play with you on LiNK. Whats so bad in that?
  14. Please reply to me if it works
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