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  1. well done guys another great update works flawlessly here link is way more stable and finds more games per room now
  2. ok seeing a lot more games now and not having issues connecting how ever one problem i have noticed is now and then ( usualy when trying to change room in link ) it will hang slightly then power off the console i dont know if its because of waiting to get a response from the server is taking to long and causing a fatal crash that fsd isnt intercepting and causing the console to just power off
  3. just a quick question in cod bo2 how many games are people finding when they refresh in the game lobby as i can only ever find one game at max ( sometimes none at all ) and thats on every tu ive tried it in full rooms so surely there should be more than one game hosted
  4. ive finaly managed to play a game had to make sure dev link and the ping patch were enabled in dashlaunch now everythings all good
  5. cheers for a great effort got all ports forwarded and jqe acount verified and can see games in cod bo2 but when ever i try to join a match i get error connot join game session the only time i can see any games is if i dont use any tu's and then i can only ever see 1 game to join no matte rwhat room / lobby im in anyway i will give it a break for now and try later when the servers are more stable
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