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  1. I don`t know if it safe to set liveblock=false:) I wonder if it possible that this bug appear during update newest dashboard?
  2. Thank you very much for helping me:) don`t have any plugins. "try the other blocking one then?" -sorry, but i don`t understand (my english is not well) I was trying everything, i was re-configuring router and network, formating usb few times,and still nothing. Everything works properly but this little thing.
  3. By disabling you mean livestrong=false in launch.ini? I have it from the begining. I changed to true, and again to false and still nothing, still 2005 Edit: Earlier (one month ago) everything was ok, time and date was updated every time i launch console. I did not use xbox from that time. Few days ago i started and it wont working
  4. I have the same problem, FSD won`t update time. I have checked "sync clock on startup" many times and it`s wont work. I have internet on my console - in the bottom ip adress, weather is working, i can download TU and covers. I tried to re-install FSD, and still no results don`t have any ideas what else I can do:(
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