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  1. I have diablo 3 but is version latin american/portuguese and freestyle dont have title update for this version, is possible upload this title update? :pd:sorry form y english xd
  2. same problem!i am from southamerican
  3. daniel_86

    Diablo III

    i can" t play spanish version in LINK!my version game..title id: 394F07D1MEDIA ID: 68E5958A
  4. sorry for doble post butany solution?
  5. Hi I have xbox classic games like .. Top Spin ( ONLY TENNIS GAME WITH SISTEM LINK IN XBOX OR 360)TimeSplitters: Futuro Perfecto MotoGp3 Ghost Recon 2: Summit Strike Toca Race Driver 3 25 to life Rallisport Challenge 2 Counter-Strike FarCry Instincs Evolution Forza Motorsport, PROYECT GOTHAM RACING 2all with sistem link, my idea is to play top spin, and that no game has 360 SISTEM LINK, but by pressing the guide button (center of control) says that the menu is not accessible and i cant enter to Link Room...then it is possible to make room for these games?there is a trick first entering a game link room 360games and then out to enter the game and to play Xbox1 i can play but it is better that these games have their roompd: sorry for my english i use google traductor! but I think you get my request thanks!..
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