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  1. Wel no more help needed, I fixed it. A bit newbie, only thing I had to do now was copy the new FSD to the HDD1 and overwrite the old one. Thanks for your help!
  2. Hey thanks for helping me! I managed to get into the XexMenu by holding the X button. What should I do next? I've deleted the custom theme but it's still not working.
  3. I have a different theme enabled so I gues that's my problem. But how do I remove since I can't get any further then the start-up screen? I have to connect my xbox with my pc I gues?
  4. I updated trough F3 - General Settings - Updates. Download was succesfull and also the installatin was succesfull. But now when my xbox starts it gets stuck shortly after the xbox launchscreen and saying 'profilename logged in'. Then it freezes and it automaticly starts over again and again... When the my profile signs in I can quickly push my xboxbutton on my controller and that menu works but then freezes also. I tried turning the power off completely from my console and wait and then turn it back on but it still happens. What is my problem and what should I do?
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