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  1. You mean uninstalling the current FSD and installing again? Yep did that. It's a JTAG system. On Dashlaunch 3.04 the readings are not working too. I wonder if it's a hardware problem, this could be dangerous in the future because I think the system itself with this problem is not capable to shutdown if overheat occurs. But I don't know how to check that, I wasn't the one who did the JTAG on it.
  2. Hello guys! I'm a newcomer to the community and as everybody here I got knowledge to share and want knowledge too. Today I came with an issue that is taking me sometime to figure what to do (until now, nothing good happened), I got a Slim RGH system with Dash Freestyle 3.0, everything is doing well unless that GAUGE BAR with the temperature information, they show up (1.0C) for everything it does read (CPU, RAM, GPU etc.) I've tried to reinstall the dash but got the same issue. I would post a print but I got no pendrive or pc near (includes wifi conn) to connect to my xbox and get the print (yeah my celphone cam sucks also). Has anyone faced this problem? Any enlightenment? Thanks already!
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