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    LiNK - A Sneak Peek

    looks great keep up the good work and hope to see it soon
  2. I have a jasper bb unit that has been sitting here with a broken nic port. Because of this the console will E76 with a stock or hacked dash, when u loaded XELL it would just get stuff at getting int...... TUX was nice and built me a XELL that could read the CPU key off the unit. It worked and i was able to build a image but when i did that it E76 just like the stock. some one helped me out before and was able to send me a file that was like nocrt.bin so i could build the image with no nic port enable and it would not E76. well it worked but i went to update the console and did not save the file or lost it and can not find it anymore. If some one can tell me how i can make the file or if they can post the file that would help alot. the xell that im talking about is located at : http://libxenon.org/index.php?topic=15.msg1335#msg1335 thanks in advance to anyone that can help me out
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