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    Can't see games

    I have set the correct paths and tried all scan depths. This has only happened science I updated dashlaunch.
  2. Themonk1

    Can't see games

    Hi guys. Here is my dilemma. I have been using a 1tb external hdd for a while now with no issues. It is formatted to FAT32. I recently updated my 2 consoles with the latest dashlaunch and I am using f3 on both. Here is the issue. F3 can see the HDD in file explorer and sees the HDD when selecting gamer path. But when I go into games I see nothing. I have manually scanned for content and noothing. Get ready for the freaky part. My pc recognises this HDD and can read/write to it. The 2 consoles see it using file explorer and when setting games path. Inalso have another 1tb HDD which consoles see no problem. Any help would be appreciated.
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