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  1. i downloaded halo 2 but exisoGUI cannot read iso files how can i do it ?
  2. hi i am doing collector best xbox games. and my last game is Halo 2 how can i run Halo 2 on xbox 360 with aurora 0.4b
  3. hi i have one questions. i have some connection problem. i cannot login xboxunity on my xbox360. some covers are missing and i want complete them. i downloaded them from xobxunity on my laptop. how can i put on my hdd and how can xbox see covers on aurora ?
  4. how can change background ? i put a lot of jpeg on aurora/background , but icant see and apply xbox
  5. i tried everything and thank youu too
  6. i passed every test thank you for your help. but i cant download covers how can i do it ?
  7. i did it finallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy i installed media center to my pc. i configure it with my xbox and i opened media connection with my xbox and i did it
  8. if i try to my xbox factory settings, will i lose my xexmenu ?
  9. yes i can everything except connect unity this is so weird. i can try these dns. i connect lan and wireless by bridge for internet. because i dont have wireless xbox. did you put any dns lan settings or wireless settings or bridge settings *
  10. i looked on my original xbox settings from wired connection. and i saw i can get access xbox live . but icant acces to my pc. i tested but its failed.xbox -lan-internet-xboxlive succesful. but xbox -lan-pc failed ?
  11. problem is what can be ? i could login to fsd 6months ago but jqe change unity, and i cant get online anymore. how can i fix this problem ?
  12. nope. it didnt run again. icant get any positive result.
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