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  1. Oh, how I missed that part. The Xell still not working, so I have to update everytime with Simple360, but I'm glad that it working this way. I saw the option that the program can write the NAND, not just dump it, but I didn't had the courage to try it. I feel like a noob. Anyway, thank you very much for your time and support! Have a nice day!
  2. I'm sorry, probably just I don't get it, but now what? I've done what you said and yes, I've got the CPUKey too.
  3. Thank you for your reply! I never opened my Xbox case, but I think now it will be necessary, but what sould I do first? Can you give a list in ordin what I need to do? 1. Remove the dvd cable 2. Start my console with tray open button and the update will work 3. Plug in the dvd cable or 1. Remove the dvd cable 2. Make a new update with xeBuild with a new NAND file (Simple 360 Nand Flasher) 3. Start my console with tray open button and the update will work 4. Plug in the dvd cable Anything else, what should I do? And thank you again for helping me.
  4. Firstly, sorry if I make mistakes, my english isn't perfect. I searched everywhere for a help, but I found only topics who failed at update or flashed a bad NAND, so I hope here I will get an answer. I had a 16547 dashboard and I wanted to update to 16767. I have a trinity xbox. The only thing what I've done before update, it's a copy of my NAND with Flash360, because of the xeBuild. I made the updflash.bin like before, but when I put in root of a FAT32 flash drive and started the xbox with eject, nothing happens, I mean the Xell stucks after writing my drive name, at "fat Mount uda0" or before that, with something "SATA..." and now I don't know what to do. I think before I tried to update, the Xell worked today, because after some rows, the "fat Mount uda0" it's changing with other row continuously, but I think that is the normal state if you don't want to do anything with Xell. But now I can't do nothing, I tried to "reupdate" the 16547 but it's the same with that too. My xbox is working, FSD and others, so I can play, but now I can't update if it will be needed for future games. Thanks in advice!
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