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  1. Is this working on the latest dash? That would be awesome
  2. Hi, this is stunning and I don't mean to complain but please could you add the 'e' a the end of the 'Profile'. Thnk you so much for this beautiful skin
  3. Keep getting into rooms then when I join a lobby I keep getting kicked 'wrong server version', so when I change to lower TU it works fine. All I'm thinking is would it be possible to update freestyle dash at some point to include a auto update feature for title updates almost in the same way that xbl does? As this way we all run the same and it's easier to join and play together Thanks for everything you do for the tight ass jtag/rgh community
  4. Finally started playing on LINK, it's good but a few questions 1. Can you rank up in system link? 2. Has everybody started to get sorted and up and running with system link? 3. How do we go about playing on other games than blops 2, as I started a lobby in mw3 and nothing? 4. Thank you very much TeamFSD for your hard work and I'm sure within a few weeks the LINK community will be thriving
  5. I've become increasingly angry about this also as I joined the jtag/RGH scene with the intention of doing my newbie bit to help out in what I thought ws supposed to be a 'community'!!!!!! All I hear is people saying how much fun they are having playing on LINK yet ignore everybodies pleas for help.... Well I think after hours of rage I think I've poss found a solution. I have a super hub - advanced settings/enable UNPN (tick) , then port forwarding and - add rule (call it link) / start port: 1981 end port:1984, then enter your xbox's IP address then add rule (save). Go and test on rgh/jtag (plugins section) Data port:1982 Broadcast port:1983 .....test Hopefully that will work for you, please let me know. Please bear in mind that JQE360 is down ATM and so probs may occur.
  6. Oh yeah, and after doing a Fresh install of fsd3 no covers are downloading. Is JQE360 struggling and gone down?
  7. What ports should we use??? Unpn and jqe360 are passing but I really need help with porting....loads of people on here are boasting of how great LINK is yet it will become very boring when only 20 people can get online
  8. In the tutorial it says setup whatever data and broadcast ports you would like to use? Are there specifics ports or? Please could you help me, I'm dumb
  9. Should the data port be 1000, and the broadcast port be 1001 for everybody using LINK or are the numbers different for everybody??? Can we please have a more detailed problem solving tut for this. Desperate to play
  10. Can anybody help me with the 'data & broadcast' ports. I'm from the uk and have the virgin super-hub but can't figure out how to make them pass when testing????? Any help would be awesome guys thanks team fsd
  11. Well done, good news for future consoles with hackers like this pushing the scene
  12. Great news, let's hope the next xbox is as easy as this shame the wii u looks poo!
  13. luke8352

    LiNK - A Sneak Peek

    Also will i be able to play Splitscreen multiplayer with my wife with LINK?
  14. luke8352

    LiNK - A Sneak Peek

    Probably a daft question but will we be ble to system link to friends with retail xbox's with LINK? Also, how many people can play together on LINK? Will it be released as a update via FSD3? Thanks guys
  15. luke8352

    LiNK - A Sneak Peek

    that's great, i look forward to it just like FSD RXE....Decebuary 33rd it is!
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